Our 35 hectares of organic vineyards are situated in Sainte-Jalle, on the slopes of the Ennuyé valley.
The area lies in the heart of the Baronnies, in the Provençal part of the Drôme district, between Montélimar, Orange, and Gap. It’s a territory of medium height mountains, off the beaten track, with rugged terrain.

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A mid-mountain

Our vineyards are spread between altitudes of 420 and 600 meters on clay-limestone soils. They
benefit from significant sunlight and a unique microclimate (both Mediterranean and Alpine). These conditions allow for the full expression of our terroir.

photo des vignes du Domaine du RIeu Frais
photo de la cave du Domaine du RIeu Frais

An old farm.

The Baronnies have been wine growing land of since Gallo-Roman times; throughout history, we can
find records of wine production. As far back as anyone can remember, vines have been very present
on the family farm, varying in size.
Grandfather Julien used to make wine in a small cellar in the old village and delivered the rest of the
production to the coop winery. In 1983, Jean-Yves and Dominique decided to vinify their production.
They established the estate on the very old family farm, not far from the village center.
The old wheat warehouses from the 1900s now house the winemaking cellar. A 200-year-old sheep
pen has been converted into an ageing cellar.

A family history.

Our family has been established in STE JALLE for several centuries. The LIOTAUDs are one of the
oldest families of the valley; the surname can be traced back to the 11th century. The last two
generations have emphasized viticulture and their passion for their terroir. The new generation
continues to carry the torch with the children: Alexandre, an enthusiastic oenologist, and Benjamin, a great mechanic.

photo de famille au Domaine du RIeu Frais
plan du Domaine du RIeu Frais
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