Our organic farming.

Our 35 hectare vineyard is located in an old glacial valley in the heart of the Baronnies. Thanks to this relative isolation and its particular Mediterranean climate, our vineyard is very rarely subject to diseases and pests. Our vines flourish in pure air and on preserved soil.

photo du raisin Domaine du RIeu Frais

Sustainable & respectful

Out of a deep appreciation for nature and concern for its protection, we are committed to organic
farming. Our objective is to optimally integrate the cultivation of our vines with the environment while
respecting the fauna and flora.
Our agriculture is sustainable and respects people.

Respect for the living

Our organic farming excludes the use of all synthetic molecules and weedkillers.
We only use natural products to protect the vines: biodegradable powdered sulfur in very small quantities, copper in the form of Bordeaux mixture, plants in different forms (herbal teas, infusion, manure, resin), as well as local goat’s milk.
We perform on average 5 treatments per year, which is very low. The last treatment is carried out more than a month and a half before the harvest.

photo des vignes du Domaine du RIeu Frais
photo du Domaine du RIeu Frais

Respect for
the soil.

To maximize soil care, it is naturally turfed 8 months a year. This promotes microbial life, allows good
ventilation and limits erosion.
The nutrient supply comes in the form of organic compost, ensuring good plant nutrition.
From May to August, the soil is entirely worked (in between and under rows) to allow a good supply of water to the vines and thus avoid excessive competition with grass in summer, when it gets very hot and dry.

Come and discover our estate.

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